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Python 3 Tools Modules And Json




Python Online Training Institute


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Duration :

60 Days

Python What will you learn?

•Basic to Advance concepts of Python
•How to implement Python on different Platforms.
•Learn Everything you need to know about Python
•Learn how to handle errors and exceptions in Python.
•Learn how to design and create a Python app
•Will be able to write error free programs in Python
•Learn the Ins and Outs of Python in few Hours
•Learn Python – A super fun way to improve your programming skills
•Learn the absolute basics about Python from scratch and take your skills to another level

python 3 tools modules and json Course Highlights

•Post training offline support available
•Get Training from Certified Professionals
•Software & others tools installation Guidance
•The courses range from basic to advanced level
•Indutry oriented training with corporate casestudies
•Hands On Experience – will be provided during the course to practice
•Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the concepts
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for Python

•Amazon Web Services Administration, Cloud Database Administration, Hadoop Bigdata Administration, Openstack Database Administration, Salesforce Database
•Informatica MDM, Siperian, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle EBS Tech./Functional, ETL, Siebel UCM, Siebel CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, VMware, CRM, Power
•Java, Cc++ Developers, .Net Developers, Python Developers, Php Developers, Qa Test Engineers, Sharepoint Developers Veritas Engineers.
•Oracle Developers, Web Designing, Web Development, Web Technologies, photoshop, illustrator, user interface designing, brochures, Digital Content, ui


•Chapter Programming Tools
•Topic A Iterators and Generators Part
•Iterators and Generators Part
•Topic B Regular Expressions Part
•Regular Expressions Part
•Topic C Introspection and Lambda Functions Part
•Introspection and Lambda Functions Part A
•Introspection and Lambda Functions Part B
•Introspection and Lambda Functions Part C
•Introspection and Lambda Functions Part D
•Introspection and Lambda Functions Part
•Topic D Metaclasses and Decorators Part
•Metaclasses and Decorators Part A
•Metaclasses and Decorators Part B
•Metaclasses and Decorators Part C
•Metaclasses and Decorators Part D
•Metaclasses and Decorators Part
•Review Question
•Chapter Modules and Packages
•Topic A Modules and Packages Part
•Modules and Packages Part A
•Modules and Packages Part B
•Modules and Packages Part C
•Modules and Packages Part
•Topic B Working with APIs Part
•Working with APIs Part
•Chapter Metaprogramming and JSON
•Topic A Metaprogramming Primer Part
•Metaprogramming Primer Part
•Topic B Decorators and Monkey Patching Part
•Decorators and Monkey Patching Part A
•Decorators and Monkey Patching Part B
•Decorators and Monkey Patching Part C
•Decorators and Monkey Patching Part D
•Decorators and Monkey Patching Part
•Topic C XML and JSON Structure Part
•XML and JSON Structure Part
•Topic Generating XML and JSON Part
•Generating XML and JSON Part
•Topic E Parsing XML and JSON Part
•Parsing XML and JSON Part
•Topic F Implementing Algorithms Part
•Implementing Algorithms Part
•Chapter 01 – Programming Tools
•Topic A: Iterators and Generators –
•Iterators and Generators –
•Topic B: Regular Expressions –
•Regular Expressions –
•Topic C: Introspection and Lambda Functions –
•Introspection and Lambda Functions – A
•Introspection and Lambda Functions – B
•Introspection and Lambda Functions – C
•Introspection and Lambda Functions – D
•Introspection and Lambda Functions –
•Topic D: Metaclasses and Decorators –
•Metaclasses and Decorators – A
•Metaclasses and Decorators – B
•Metaclasses and Decorators – C
•Metaclasses and Decorators – D
•Metaclasses and Decorators –
•Chapter 02 – Modules and Packages
•Chapter 03 – Metaprogramming and JSON