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ASP NET MVC 5 For Beginners




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Duration :

60 Days

ASP.NET MVC Objectives

•Understand the concepts in ASP.NET MVC
•What are the advantages of ASP.NET MVC ?
•Learn To Create ASP.NET MVC Programs The Easy Way
•Different ASP.NET MVC practical questions asked during real time interviews .
•You will know how to configure a ASP.NET MVC jobs.
•Discuss all the principles of ASP.NET MVC and demonstrate though Assignment.
•Learn ASP.NET MVC the fast track way with hands on teaching
•How to setup a ASP.NET MVC script and Interface in real time development.
•You will be able to develop top class apps and think like a programmer

ASP NET MVC 5 for beginners Course Features

•Get job-ready for an in-demand career
•Basic Training starting with fundamentals
•Fast Track course available with best Fees
•Our Trainers with 15+ years of teaching Experience
•We provide Classroom and Online training in Metro Cities
•We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference
•We also provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for Working Professionals
•Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Online Trainings.

Who are eligible for ASP.NET MVC

•Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Application Development And Programming., Networking And Wireless, Analytics And Data Management, Systems And Enterprise
•Java Developer, Php, Sales Management, Product Management, Software Services, Ui Development, MySQL, MongoDB, Nginx, NoSQL, Solr, Elastic Search, ApacheMicrosoft Azure, Azure, Sql Azure, Cloud Computing, Cloud Testing, SQL, Cognos Framework Manager, Query Studio, Oracle, Business Objects, Issue Resolution
•php, wordpress, drupal, Iphone Developer, Android, Java, Team Management, Android Developer, Mobile Application Development
•webdesigner, informatica, datastage, teradata, mircostrategy, Sap Abap, QA Tester, Green hat tester, salesforce, developer, tibco, Hadoop


Lab 1: – Simple Hello world Lab 2: – Explain MVC Routing Lab 3: – Explain ViewData, ViewBag, TempData & Session Variables? Lab 4 :- Explain Model and Strongly typed views Lab 5: – Explain Model Binders Lab 6 :- Why MVC and MVC vs Webforms ? Lab 7 :- Explain TempData , Peek and Keep ? Lab 8: – Explain Data Annotations and HTML Helpers classes? Lab 9: – What is the need of ViewModel in MVC? Lab10: – How can we use Entity Framework in MVC? Lab 11: – How to implement viewmodel, partial view and webgrid? Lab 12: – What is the difference between ActionResult and ViewResult in MVC? Lab 13: – How to implement AJAX using JSON and jQuery using MVC? Lab 14: – What is the use of Async Controllers in MVC? Lab 15 :- How to deploy MVC Application on IIS ? Lab 16:- How can we do Windows and Forms Authentication in MVC? Lab 17: – How can we use MVC areas for better modular development ? Lab 18:- How to implement MVC with Angular ? Lab 19:- Can we Overload MVC Action methods ? Lab 20:- How to improve Reusability using Angular ? Lab 21: – What is the need of WebAPI in MVC? Lab 22: – How to do exception handling in MVC? Lab 23: – How to do update & delete using MVC, WebAPI, EF & Angular? Lab 24: – How to use MVC Webgrid? Lab 25:- How to implement Validation using Angular and MVC Lab 26:- What is SPA (Single page application)? Lab 27:- How to Organize MVC project and Understanding CORS issue ? Lab 28:- Explain the importance of DisplayModes ? Lab 29:- How to do unit testing with MVC projects Lab 30:- How to implement SPA using Angular Routing ? Lab 31: – How to create decoupled systems using MVC DI? Lab 32:- How can we have multiple submit buttons in ASP.NET MVC ? Lab 33: – What is the importance of AntiForgery in MVC? Lab 34:- What is the importance of ValidateInput and AllowHTML in MVC? Lab 35:- Bundling and Minification Lab 36:- Layout pages in Razor Lab 37: – What are ActionFilters in MVC? Lab 38: – What is WebAPI (Theory)? Lab 39: – How can we create and consume WEB API (Practical)? Lab 40:- MVC 6/ASP.NET Core Training-Part 1. WebAPI.

Eligiblity for Certification :

Beginners who want to learn ASP NET MVC 5