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Java SE 11 Programmer I [1Z0-815] Exam Dumps




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Oracle 1Z0-815 What will you learn?

•Learn the core concepts of Oracle 1Z0-815 .
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Java SE 11 Programmer I [1Z0-815] Exam dumps Course Features

•You Get Real Time Project to practice
•Get Training from Certified Professionals
•Highly competent and skilled IT instructors
•Online Training with 100% placement assistance
•Interview guidance and preparation study materials.
•Training by Proficient Trainers with more than a decade of experience
•Every class will be followed by practical assignments which aggregates to minimum 60 hours.
•The course is all about familiarizing the trainees with simpler and smarter ways to develop the skills required for Implementation.

Who are eligible for Oracle 1Z0-815

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We are offering almost 400 UNIQUE practice questions for Java SE 11 Programmer I [1Z0-815] Exam. Unlike others, We offer details explanation to each and every questions that will help you to understand the question. Our mock exam software can be accessed online and 100% accessible to mobile devices. New 400 questions added in Jan 2020. 100% money back guarantee (Unconditional, we assure that you will be satisfied with our services and pass the exam. Do leave us a question we will happy to answer your queries during the course. Exam Information : The Java SE 11 Programmer 1Z0-815 exam involves the candidate answering a total of 80 multiple choice-based questions within the duration of 180 minutes (3 hours). To pass the examination and gain the certification, the participating candidate needs to score at least 63% of the total marks. This means that out of the 80 questions, to pass the examination, a candidate has to answer 51 questions correctly at a minimum. The registration fee for the 1Z0-815 certification exam is US$150 currently. You can refer to the table below to have instant insight into the Java SE 11 Programmer 1Z0-815 exam information: As mentioned above, the Java SE 11 | 1Z0-815 examination is created to cover a wide range of available Java 11 concepts from the most basic to the most advanced level. To aid you in creating an efficient 1Z0-815 exam preparation schedule, here we enlist the topics and sub-topics that the examination covers. Understanding Java Technology and Environment Describing Java Technology and Developer Environment Identifying Main Features of Java Language Creation of Basic Java Program Creating a functional Java program with the Main Class Compiling and Running a Java Application through the Command Line Creating and Importing Packages Working with Java String APIs and Primitive Data Types Declaring and Initializing Variables Identifying the Scopes of Variables Using Interference of Local Type Variables Creating and Manipulating Strings Manipulating the data through the StringBuilder Class and Related Methods Using Java Arrays Declaring, Instantiating, Initializing a 1D Array Declaring, Instantiating, Initializing a 2D Array Using and Creating Methods Creating Constructors and Methods with Arguments and Returning Values Invoking and Creating Overloaded Methods Applying Static Keyword to other Fields and Methods Re-Utilizing Implementations Via Inheritance Creating Superclasses and Subclasses Creating And Extending Abstract Classes Enabling Polymorphism by Overriding Methods Using Polymorphism for Casting and Calling Methods Differentiating between Overloading, Hiding, and Overriding Handling Exceptions Advantages of Exceptions Handling and Differentiating between Checked, Unchecked Exceptions, and Errors Creating Try-Catch Block and Learning How Exceptions Alter Program Flow Creating and Invoking a Method that throws Exceptions Utilizing Operators and Constructs for Decisions Using Java Operators Including Parenthesis for Overriding Operator Precedence Using Java Control Statements Including if, if/else, and switch Creating do/while, while, for, and for each loop with nested loops inclusion. Describing Classes and Objects Declaring Java Objects and explaining Objects’ Lifecycle Defining Structure of Java Classes Reading or Writing to Object Fields Applying Encapsulation Applying Access Modifiers Applying Encapsulation Principles to a Class Programming Abstractly Through Interfaces Creating and Implementing Interfaces Differing Class Inheritance from Interface Inheritance Declaring and Using ArrayList and List Instances Understanding Lambda Expressions Understanding Modules Describing Modular JDK Declaring Modules and Enabling Access Between Modules Describing How Modular Projects are Combined

Eligiblity for Certification :

To upgrade to the latest version of Java Professional Programmer. Demonstrate your expertise skills to your employer, peers & customers that you are proficient in Java Technologies and use industry-standard best practices Get officially accredited as a Java Professional