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Unity 2d Game Development By Example




Unity and Blender Professional Institute


Graduates and Technology Aspirants


Regular Offline and Online Live Training


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

30 to 45 days

Unity and Blender Objectives

•Learn how to code in Unity and Blender.
•Learn to write Array in Unity and Blender.
•Learn how to write high-quality code using Unity and Blender.
•Students will learn how to build apps using Unity and Blender.Learn and Master Unity and Blender with this time saving course
•Unity and Blender – Learn how to set up your Unity and Blender script.
•This course will teach you how to get moving in Unity and Blender.
•Learn the core fundamentals of Unity and Blender to fast-track your development process
•Gain the ability to adapt to any coding language with the concepts of Unity and Blender

unity 2d game development by example Course Highlights

•Post training offline support available
•Free technical support for students
•Job Placement Assistance with Good Companies
•Personal attention and guidance for every student
•Highly Experienced Trainer with 10+ Years in MNC Company
•Training by Proficient Trainers with more than a decade of experience
•Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the concepts
•Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Online Trainings.

Who are eligible for Unity and Blender

•Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Iot, Big Data, Business Analytics, Data Science, Python, Node.js, React.js, Hadoop, Aws, Qa
•Java Developer, Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Oracle Developer, Sybase Developer, SQL Server Developer with SSIS and SSRS, Windows/Weblogic Application
•Java tech lead,Java Programming, Java / J2Ee Spring, Java Server Pages, Android, IOS Developer, hibernate, Spring, Core Java
•Oracle Apps Testing, Functional Testing, O2C, Techical Support, Service Desk, IT Helpdesk, IT Support, Tech Support, java, J2ee, Java Developer
•Solution Architect, Technical Lead, Software Developer, Testing Engineer, Project Manager, sap, sas, sql, magento, wordpress, laravel, mysql, Payment Gateways


Installing and Setting Up Unity
•Game 1 – 2D Target Shooting Game in One Hour
•Build A Complete 2D Shooting Game With Unity in 1 Hour
•C# Scripting in Unity – Absolute Beginners Guide
•Let’s Get Started With C# in Unity
•How a C# Script is Structured in Unity
•Understanding Event Functions in Unity C#
•Working With Variables in C#
•Public and Private Variables in C#
•Complete Guide To Update Function in Unity
•Basics of Functions in C# & Unity
•Returning Values and Passing Parameters to Functions
•Checking Conditions with If Else in C#
•Various Conditions and Equality Checking
•Boolean Variables in C#
•Diving Deep into Arrays in Unity
•For Loops in C# Complete Explanation
•Working with While Loops in C#
•How To Work With foreach Loops in C#
•Check Conditions Using Switch Case in C#
•Game 2 – Save The Bunny
•Setting Up The Game
•Setting Up The Player
•Creating Player Movement
•Restricting Player Movement
•Setting Up The Enemy Spikes
•Spawning The Enemies
•Spawning Enemies from Random Position
•Repeatedly Spawning Enemies
•Detecting Collisions With The Enemies
•Adding Cool Trail Effects
•Adding Dust Particle Effects
•Checking For GameOver
•Keeping Score
•Displaying Score on Screen
•Creating The GameOver Panel
•Creating A Restart Button
•Designing The Main Menu
•Creating Cool Looking Main Menu Animations
•Creating Game Over Panel Animations
•Game 3 – Santa Run Endless Runner Game
•Lets Import The Assets and Start Building Santa Run Game
•Setting Up The Game Background
•Creating Background Scrolling and The Illusion of Movement
•Creating and Moving The Grounds
•Setting Up The Player Character
•Lets Make The Player Jump
•Fixing Player Jump with Ground Check
•Adding The Jump Animation
•Setting Up The Obstacles in The Game
•Adding Movements To The Obstacles
•Spawning The Obstacles
•Random Obstacle Spawning
•Spawning Obstacles with Random Delay
•Destroying Obstacles On Collision
•Creating Player Death Animation
•Stop Spawning The Obstacles
•Stop Background Scrolling
•Creating Game Over Panel
•Adding Functionalities To GameOver Menu Buttons
•Adding Functionalities To The Main Menu
•Creating Menu Screen Animations
•Creating Snow Falling Effect
•Counting and Displaying The Score
•Game 4 – Monster Eats Candy Game
•Lets Setup The Sprites For Using In The Game
•Creating The Candies
•Coding Player Controller and Controlling The Player
•Adding Some Restrictions To Player Movement
•Checking If Player Eats Candy
•Removing Candies When Out Of Screen
•Spawning Random Candy
•Spawning Candy at Random Position
•Spawning Candies Repeatedly
•Checking For Score
•Creating A Lives Counter To Keep Track of Lives
•Showing Available Lives UI
•Stopping Candy Spawning On GameOver
•Creating A Main Menu
•Writing Code for The Game Over Menu
•Animating The Game Over Panel
•Game 5 : 3D Endless Game with Unity
•Gettting Started and Setting Up
•Writing First Code and Controlling the Player
•Moving After First Touch
•Fall Checking With Raycasting
•Smooth Camera Follow
•Platforms falling
•Platforms Spawning
•Random Spawning
•Some Small Fixes
•Creating Collectibles
•Destroying On Collision
•Adding Particle Effects
•Creating Text Animations
•More Animations
•Creating GameOver Menu
•Coding The UIManager
•Keeping Score and Highscore
•Creating The GameManager
•Finishing The Game
•Publishing The Game
•Basics of Android Game Development With Unity
•Creating and Publishing An Android Game With Unity ( 2018 )
•Setting Up Unity for Android Game development ( 2017 )
•Detecting Touch Inputs
•Raycasting and Destroying Objects on Touch
•Detecting Accelerometer Inputs
•Swipe Detection
•Creating Screen Resolution Independent UI
•Touch Joystick Input Controller
•Source Control With Github Bitbucket and SourceTree
•The Need of Version Control
•Creating First Repository
•Practical Example With A Real Project
•Creating Branches
•Pushing Local Repository to Remote
•Basics of Game AI in Unity
•Getting Started With Navigation Mesh
•Agent Moving and Avoiding Obstacles
•Understanding Navmesh Agent
•Moving On Ramp and Narrow Places
•Intelligent Agent Moving Upstairs
•Intelligent Agent Jumping With Off Mesh
•Manually Creating Off Mesh Links