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artificial intelligence What will you learn?

•Learn Fundamental Concepts of artificial intelligence
•What are the advantages of artificial intelligence?
•Learn how to build an app in artificial intelligence.
•Read explore clean and prepare your script in artificial intelligence.
•Learn artificial intelligence from Scratch with Demos and Practical examples.
•Learn how to model in artificial intelligence with no previous experience
•This course will teach you how to get moving in artificial intelligence.
•Go from ‘zero’ to a true artificial intelligence expert’. Learn by examples
•Learn the absolute basics about artificial intelligence from scratch and take your skills to another level

cutting edge artificial intelligence Course Features

•Get job-ready for an in-demand career
•Basic Training starting with fundamentals
•Job Placement Assistance with Good Companies
•Best Opportunity To Both Learn And Work From Home
•Assignments and test to ensure concept absorption.
•We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes
•Flexible group timings to admit freshers, students, and employed professionals
•Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Online Trainings.

Who are eligible for artificial intelligence

•.net, front end developer, Android Development, ios, Big Data, Web Development, java full stack, Service Now, Wintel Servers, Change Management, Database
•embedded platform software engineers, embedded multimedia developer, Middleware Developers, Android Middleware, device driver developers, c, c++, linux
•Java, J2EE, Machine Learning, Image Processing, UI Design, UX Developer, C++, Python, Perl
•Qa Testers / Developers, Full Stack Developers – Backend / Frontend, Power Bi, Market Intelligence
•Solution Architect, Technical Lead, Software Developer, Testing Engineer, Project Manager, sap, sas, sql, magento, wordpress, laravel, mysql, Payment Gateways


•Where to get the code
•Review of Fundamental Reinforcement Learning Concepts
•Review Section Introduction
•The Explore-Exploit Dilemma
•Markov Decision Processes (MDPs)
•Monte Carlo Methods
•Temporal Difference Learning (TD)
•OpenAI Gym Warmup
•Review Section Summary
•A2C (Advantage Actor-Critic)
•A2C Section Introduction
•A2C Theory (part 1)
•A2C Theory (part 2)
•A2C Theory (part 3)
•A2C Demo
•A2C Code – Rough Sketch
•Multiple Processes
•Environment Wrappers
•Convolutional Neural Network
•A2C Section Summary
•DDPG (Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient)
•DDPG Section Introduction
•Deep Q-Learning (DQN) Review
•DDPG Theory
•DDPG Code (part 1)
•DDPG Code (part 2)
•DDPG Section Summary
•ES (Evolution Strategies)
•ES Section Introduction
•ES Theory
•Notes on Evolution Strategies
•ES for Optimizing a Function
•ES for Supervised Learning
•Flappy Bird
•ES for Flappy Bird in Code
•ES for MuJoCo in Code
•ES Section Summary
•Appendix / FAQ
•What is the Appendix?
•Windows-Focused Environment Setup 2018
•How to install Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Pandas, IPython, Theano, and TensorFlow
•Is this for Beginners or Experts? Academic or Practical? Fast or slow-paced?
•How to Succeed in this Course (Long Version)
•How to Code by Yourself (part 1)
•How to Code by Yourself (part 2)
•Proof that using Jupyter Notebook is the same as not using it
•Python 2 vs Python 3
•What order should I take your courses in? (part 1)
•What order should I take your courses in? (part 2)