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156-215.75 Check Certified Security Administrator R75 Exam




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Duration :

60 Days

CCSA Objectives

•Learn How To Use CCSA .
•Learn to write Array in CCSA .
•A Beginner’s Guide to CCSA Coding from scratch
•Cover all basic Concepts with in-depth description of CCSA .
•Learn How To Create Your CCSA In Easy Steps
•How to build your own apps and scripts using CCSA .
•Learn to code in CCSA from scratch with hands-on projects
•Learn CCSA from Scratch and Achieve Highest Knowledge with Practical Examples
•with this time saving course you will Learn CCSA and ready to use it

156-215.75 Check Certified Security Administrator R75 Exam Course Highlights

•Real-world skills + project portfolio
•Basic Training starting with fundamentals
•Job Placement Assistance with Good Companies
•Our Trainers with 15+ years of teaching Experience
•Highly Experienced Trainer with 10+ Years in MNC Company
•Courseware includes reference material to maximize learning.
•Our trainers have experience in training End Users & Students & Corporate employees.
•This Instructor-led classroom course is designed with an aim to build theoretical knowledge supplemented by ample hands-on lab exercises

Who are eligible for CCSA

•Cloud Computing, Information Security, Network Security, Windows System Administration, Windows Server
•Java Developer, java j2ee jsp servlets ejb, plsql, Unix Scripting, c, c++, dotnet
•Java, Sales, Php, Oracle Dba, Ruby Rails, Salesforce, Big Data, Aws, Cloud Computing, Front End, Backend, Operations, It Administration
•QT Developer, STB Domain, CAS, UX DESIGNER, UI Developer, HTML5, CSS3, JAVAScript, JQUERY, FIREWORKS, Adobe Photoshop, Illustratot, Embedded C++
•Software Development, Senior Software Developer, Mean Stack, React.js, Mern Stack, Full Stack, Sql, Spark, Scala, Python, Ui Development


Sample Questions Q) Which of the following statements about file-type recognition in Content Inspection is TRUE? a) Antivirus status is monitored using SmartView Tracker. b) A scan failure will only occur if the antivirus engine fails to initialize. c) All file types are considered at risk, and are not configurable by the Administrator or the Security Policy. d) The antivirus engine acts as a proxy, caching the scanned file before delivering it to the client. Q) Which antivirus scanning method does not work if the Gateway is connected as a node in proxy mode? a) Scan by Direction b) Scan by File Type c) Scan by Server d) Scan by IP Address Q) Which OPSEC server can be used to prevent users from accessing certain Web sites? a) LEA b) AMON c) UFP d) CVP Q) How do you control the maximum number of mail messages in a spool directory? a) In the Gateway object’s SMTP settings under the Advanced window b) In the smtp.conf file on the Security Management Server c) In the Security Server window in Global Properties d) In IPS SMTP settings Q) If you experience unwanted traffic from a specific IP address, how can you stop it most quickly? a) Check anti-spoofing settings b) Configure a rule to block the address c) Create a SAM rule d) Activate an IPS protection

Eligiblity for Certification :

Every one who want to become certified